Choosing to embark on tours with knowledgeable local guides provides our community with economic support and demonstrates that our environment here on the Osa is most valuable as is. We are here to provide you with additional information, check into availability, and book tours for you. Most tours require 24 hours advance notice, cancellation fees will apply.



There are options for half and full days tours to a few different locations. You may choose a tour that takes you along mangroves and beach or one that goes to a small gold mining community and the backside of Corcovado National park. Regardless of which trip you will enjoy the scenery, looking for wildlife, and a swim. This is a great option for horse and nature lovers.

Rainforest Hike

Explore and learn about a biologically diverse tract of rainforest. You have the potential to see four different kinds of monkeys, scarlet macaws, toucans, sloths, coatis, anteaters, tapirs, iguanas, poison arrow dart frogs, and much more. Spend time on the beautiful beaches and hike to a stunning waterfall hidden in the forest. Observe the variety of birds; learn about the ecosystems, as well as medicinal and local uses of different plants and animals.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

While aboard a smaller boat you have the opportunity to view dolphins up close. A variety of boats are available to tour the gulf in search of Dolphins and Whales. Huge schools of resident spotted dolphins can often be seen within the gulf. Dolphins known to be in the area are Spotted, Spinner, White-bellied and Bottlenose Dolphins

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Kayak Tours

This is an easy paddle within the gulf which departs from the beach in Puerto Jimenez. Keep your eyes open for dolphins, turtles, and rays. You will stop on the nicest stretch of beach in the Osa for a swim and a little snack. As you kayak back into the gulf enjoy an amazing view of the sunset. If you would like, you can stay out until dark and watch the water light up with photoluminescence. The trip takes 3 – 4 hours. Dry bags are supplied (for all your gear, cameras, and video gear) water bottles, snacks, kayak and paddle, a life jacket, and a knowledgeable guide. No kayaking experience is necessary.

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Corcovado National Park

One of the main attractions of Puerto Jimenez is Corcovado National Park, an expansive 417 sq. km. (161 sq. mile) area of protected rainforest that holds an astonishing amount of biodiversity. Scientists frequent the area and often use this park as their laboratory.  New plant and animal species are being discovered all the time. Puerto Jimenez is a popular starting point for multi-day hikes in Corcovado, but you can also visit the park just for the day. .

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Chocolate Tours

There are two chocolate tours in our area. Rancho Raices is located just 10 minutes outside town. The owner will be happy to take you on a tour of his organic farm.  You have the opportunity to taste plenty of exotic fruits and vegetables along the way. You will also learn all about how to make chocolate from the cacao pod. There is a second cacao farm option called Finca Kobo located about 10 miles north of Puerto Jimenez. This is also an organic farm and the tour explains the process of chocolate growing and small-scale production.

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Tree Climbing

This is a popular half-day tour in which you will climb the braided roots of the “Cathedral”, a massive ficus over 200′ tall. Using quality climbing gear, you climb the inside of the tree using the strong roots as hand and footholds. You are belayed halfway down and from this point, you swing from the inside to the outside of the tree for an eye-opening perspective. You can rappel down, be lowered by your guide, or get your adrenaline rushing with a free descent to the forest floor.

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Turtle Patrol

Playa Preciosa (Playa Platanares) is a key nesting ground for three endangered species of sea turtle found worldwide. Tortugas Preciosas is a little nonprofit program dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles in the Osa Peninsula.  This program is dedicated to protect these species and achieves this goal by integrating conservation, research and education.

Some sea turtles are in the process of extinction and the nests have many predators such as dogs, wild animals and people who consume the eggs.

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Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

The  Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is located across the bay. Take a short boat ride over from Puerto Jimenez and you will have an opportunity to get  up close and personal with amazing wildlife. The animals at the sanctuary have all been orphaned, injured, or displaced and are in the process of being rehabilitated. Since you need to take a boat to get to the sanctuary, the tour is often combined with a mangrove, dolphin watching, snorkeling, or other tour. 

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Waterfall Rappelling

Hike up and around a series of waterfalls nestled in a lush rainforest. Become part of an immense canyon as you rappel over the ledge of a rushing waterfall that descends over 110 feet. Tour includes instruction regarding equipment use and safe rappelling procedures. During the drier months, the waterfall springs slow to a trickle creating an incredible wilderness amphitheater. Since all life is dependent on the water this canyon is a sure spot for wildlife sightings.

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Oasis Osa

Oasis Osa and the Osa Peninsula are the perfect destination for nature lovers, adventure seekers and those who want the peace and tranquility of an undiscovered paradise.